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Latin Dance Taster Classes

Our Latin dance taster classes and courses teach some of the most popular and fun party style latin dances- Salsa and Bachata. These Latin dance styles are danced socially all around the world and through them, apart from learning to dance, you will discover a new fantastic way to meet people who share the same passion for social latin dancing.

If you like Latin style music and like to imagine you are in Cuba or another tropical destination than Salsa is the dance to go for. It is fun and up-beat and let's not forget - the most popular partner dance in the whole world!

Bachata is another fun style you can dance at every party. It has an easy beat and more smooth and romantic feel to it. It is usually danced to Latin music as well as popular remixed Pop songs.

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Join one of our Salsa Courses or Bachata Courses if you still have any questions, please get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to help.