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Founder's Message

My name is Nataliya Grigorova and I am the founder of Dancebuzz. After spending a few years working in the City of London, I decided to dedicate my time and experience to create something I believe can make a real difference in people's lives. The idea of Dancebuzz was inspired not only by my love of dance but also and most importantly by the benefits of dancing in the all aspects of life - social, personal, health and fitness.

Dancebuzz’s mission is to bring dance not only to those who already know they want to learn to dance but mainly to the general person on the street who has always thought dancing is difficult and embarassing. We have put a lot of work into devising programs which make learning to dance fun and easy whilst working towards gaining a new valuable social skill.

At Dancebuzz we apply a unique and personalised approach intended for those who are experiencing dancing for the first time. Our dance classes are easy and enjoyable but yet challenging and full of positive vibes to help you discover the benefits of dance as quickly as possible and turn it into you favourite stress-relieving, fit-keeping and friends-making, healthy hobby.

Try different dance classes to discover how they can bring you joy, confidence, healthy lifestyle, new social circles and motivation to have a better life.

We are awaiting new members to join our most valuable assets: expert, friendly teachers and happy existing customers!

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