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Brazilian Zouk Club Classes

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Brazilian Zouk Studio Classes

*Winner of "Brazilian Dance School of the Year" at the 2013 LUKAS Awards

Brazilian Zouk classes in a studio environment aim to improve your core technique, styling and emphasize details that are important to strengthen your ability and confidence on the dance floor.

The Brazilian Zouk studio classes are designed in mind of those who have never danced in their life but is also suitable for those who have been doing Zouk club classes and want to add more technique and structure to their dancing. Each of our Brazilian Zouk studio classes will focus on perfecting the basic steps, rhythm, posture, hold & frame, body and head movement, body alignment and extensions, spinning, connection with your partner and the music. Then we will be learning a short routine to put together everything we have done in the class and some free style dancing in between and at the end.

The class is split into at least two levels so absolute beginners to advanced are welcome to join any time. You can drop-in and pay per class on the door or book online via the booking button in the table below.

N.B. There are currently no studio classes.
Please join our weekly classes & party in Soho. View more details here.


Brazilian Zouk




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Mohammed & Nataliya

Baker Street/Marble Arch Studio

Please note that booking a course you accept our Terms and Conditions. Read them carefully before booking a course or a taster session.

What to wear in a Brazilian Zouk studio class?

Smart casual clothing that is also comfortable for you to move in. Suggested outfit can include jeans or skirt or dress, short or long top for the ladies and T-shirt or shirt for the gentlemen. In terms of footwear, any comfortable shoes, except for high heels and trainers with strong grip, are acceptable.