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"I love this style of Zouk, it's graceful, slow and powerful, plus the music is modern so I get to dance to a lot of my faves remixed in a zouk style", L. Harris

"I was hooked from day one on the charm of the dance and the class... it is always a joy to attend the classes, learn lots of new moves and routines in a fun and enjoyable way.", L. Hristova


Brazilian Zouk Classes

*Winner of "Brazilian Dance School of the Year" at the 2012 LUKAS Awards

Brazilian Zouk is most popular in Brazil but is also one of the fastest growing social partner dances on all continents. Outside of Brazil the dance is known as Brazlian Zouk or Zouk Lambada to differentiate it from the Caribbean Zouk, a dance which looks completely different. In Brazil however, the dance is popular simply by the name Zouk.

Brazilian Zouk orginates from the forbidden dance lambada and developed initially under the influence of the Caribbean zouk and later of R&B, Pop and other music containing the zouk beat.  This has made the dance extremely versitile and it has elements of salsa, tango, rumba, contemporary dance and even street dance/hip-hop.

What Brazilian Zouk classes do we have on offer? - Click on the link below to see where and when the classes take place and how to book your place to attend

Beginners Zouk Courses (Level 1)>>

Improvers Zouk Courses (Level 2) >>

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