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"Love the samba classes! The teacher is so much fun and has a lot of enegy. The classes are never boring and we work on improving our preficiency in samba with varied footwork, armwork and styling and we combine it all in a choregraphy we can also perform at the end of each course." R. Hopkins

Improvers Brazilian Samba Classes

*Winner of "Brazilian Dance School of the Year" at the 2012 LUKAS Awards

Whether you have completed one or more sets of our beginners and general level samba courses or you are coming from a similar level at another school the Brazilian Samba Improvers classes will take your samba skills to the next level.

At this level there will be more in depth work on the technique at faster speed, styling and more challenging choregraphies. This is why you would need to have sufficient fitness levels and strong basics which you can achieve by taking one or more sets of our beginners and general level samba classes.

We will be dancing to traditional and remixed samba music to add variety and create lots of positive energy in the class.

Class Day Date Time Type Teacher Location Price Book
Brazilian Samba Improvers
06 Nov-
11 Dec
6 week course

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