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"A different routine was taught each week of the course- classical, bhangra, modern Bollywood etc with clear explanations on the technique. The emphasis was on having a go and enjoying it rather than getting everything done perfectly and this was a great incentive to keep going back each week." E. Wong

Bollywood Dance Classes London

Bollywood dance classes are a mixture of many different dance styles including classical Indian dance, street, jazz and others. Bollywood dancing is derived and evolved from the Indian film industry. The music is usually very lively and with a strong beat, which makes the classes highly energitic guaranteeing you burn calories and sculpt your body whilst having fun getting into a part of a Bollywood movie.

Our bollywood dance lessons include all major components of bollywood dancing:
- Bhangra - orginated from North India (Punjab), this is highly energetic dance style which is one fo the most popular in the UK
- Kathak and Bharatanatyam - classical Indian dance styles characterized by a lot of hand gestures and facial expressions
- Modern bollywood dance fusions with steet/hip-hop, jazz - funky and energetic moves which will get dancing on any Bollywood song

What Bollywood Dance Classes do we have on offer? - Click on the type of class you are interested in to find out more details and book online

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