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"I used to bellydance a few years ago and had a wonderful teacher, so I tried not to have expectations but, Laura was great! ...really enthusiastic and friendly and encouraging teacher." C. Minnot

Belly Dancing Classes in London

Belly dancing is one of the most beautiful expressions of femininity and gracefulness and is rightfully often referred to as “the Goddess of Dancing”. Originating in the Middle East, it is considered one of the most ancient forms of dance celebrating the female body and bonding with other women. Belly dancing classes are one of the most popular dance style classes in London, being influenced by different classical styles, such as egyptian belly dancing, turkish belly dancing as well as modern fusion influences made popular by artists like Shakira.

Belly dancing classes in London are a low impact dance style which will enhance the use and control of your body muscles and will then allow you to express your inner energy through powerful shimmies and sensual body undulations. You will also learn thow to elegantly use your arms and hands to create a beautiful styling to the dance and make belly dancing look not just like dancing but a true art form.

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